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10,000 members joined Mindhome

10 Oct 2019  11:00 AM
Mindhome's investment platform has been operating for almost a year and during this time has attracted investors' attention at an amazing level. We have been joined by more than 10,000 members from all over the world and currently 70% of them are active investors with at least one active deposit. Our loyal members have already invested nearly 15 million USD, and about 5 million dollars has been paid out in instant withdrawals. With care for investors and gratitude for the shared success, we continue to develop, creating conditions for truly comfortable investments.

Mindhome Limited is gaining unprecedented momentum and has the broadest growth prospects at the moment. Investment capital is growing rapidly, and also quick growing profits of our regular depositors. Due to stable and favorable investment conditions, well-thought-out financial activities, innovative technology business, our system has gained great popularity and trust among people all over the world.

Many homeowners understand the benefits of a smart home, but choosing products and implementing them as a whole, and then managing them well isn't easy. Mindhome helps determine the best home automation solutions for every home whether it's new construction, remodel or retrofit. Our customers always have the option to start in one area or a few areas and expand later. Due to our research and development, the future is slowly becoming the present. Our employees work every day on the technologies of tomorrow.

We are a unique online platform that already now allows each registered user to safely and profitably receive a stable income by investing in modern technologies. We would like to thank all our investors and business partners interested in the growth of the company. The support and interest shown by you is simply enormous. We will do our best to become a leader in the smart home industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. We are glad to build and develop our company together with you and achieve joint success!

Smart devices for your home

27 Sep 2019  10:00 AM
With Mindhome's interactive system and just a few smart devices, you can have fingertip control of everything from lights to appliances, as well as control them from virtually anywhere. Mindhome was designed to give you control of your devices while cutting back on clutter. See how much more convenient your days can be.

Home networking is the central nervous system for all communications and control. We'll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that's robust for today's technology and for tomorrow's. We will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all of your home's needs including TV, phone, music, security, control system and mobile devices that are connected to the network in a smart home.

Custom-tailored lighting control allows you to change the mood of any area of your home to suit the occasion. Whether watching TV, dining or entertaining, one press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere you desire. Smart lighting control also contributes to a safe environment by linking with the security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected. Lighting control systems save energy. New construction or upgrade - let us create a lighting solution perfect for you.

With motorized window treatments, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors. Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, provides UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork, and provides the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep with the simple press of a button.

Smart climate control makes it easy for you to set the perfect temperature of your home regardless of the season or other conditions. Monitor and control your thermostats from a mobile device if you left your AC blasting when left home or turn up the heat before you return on a cold day. Heating and cooling your home can be expensive and our climate control solutions save you energy with programmed settings and integration to a home automation system.

Stop leaving your key under the mat or worrying that you left the garage door open. Remotely lock the door and close the garage, and get a reminder if you forget. Give friends and family their own codes and get a notification when they're used.

Have you ever wanted an extra set of eyes to help you see who is at the front door or what the dog is barking at? Mindhome allows you to see live footage inside and outside your home anytime on any of your smart devices. Video capability takes the worry out of wondering about your home when away.

Audio distribution systems send music to any room of your home via a central processor. The days of a volume knob on the wall are long gone. Control of your whole home audio video is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad or similar Wi-Fi smart device. Whether the speakers are placed in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, shower or pool, they can be designed to aesthetically blend in to minimize visual impact. In fact, if you can't get wires to a location, no problem. We have wireless solutions that enable you to enjoy your music from anywhere.

Mindhome continues to develop and improve its smart products daily and ultimately profit from this booming industry. Anyone can join us and start earning a high daily income. We strive for long and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. We believe that through our high level of technical safety and experienced risk management, we can make every investor profit. Highest quality service and constant innovation will bring power to our community!

300 days online with Mindhome

31 Aug 2019  11:30 AM
Mindhome welcomes our loyal and new investors and is pleased to announce that our technology and financial company is already active during the past 10 months. Since launch time, with your help and support, we were able to release several major smart home products. This allowed us not only to meet new partners and conclude profitable contracts but also to earn a lot of money for our outstanding investors. We are proud to be able to guarantee the stability and safety of financial assets over a long period of time.

Over 10 months of work, our company has attracted about six thousand investors from almost all countries of the world. Hundreds of partners represent our investment program in many regions and conduct the necessary consultations for investors, as well as share their own experience of cooperation and earnings. The company's management is confident that these indicators show trust and willingness to grow steadily and get a profit. This means our offer and business are interesting to many people around the world.

Our mission is to efficiently deliver high-quality, innovative, technological solutions for smart homes that help our customers get the highest level of comfort, safety, and economy. With a large global install base, backed by extensive experience and reliability, our line of smart products offers exceptional simplicity with proven efficiency. Our proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and homeowner satisfaction can help transcend any smart home automation goals. Combined with our partner companies, Mindhome supports innovative home solutions throughout the world.

Additionally, we offer a unique affiliate program that can bring stable, long-term income to everyone, from an exacting technician to a simple user who strives to spread the word about his decisiveness. By sharing an idea of Mindhome Company's opportunities with your friends and colleagues, offering them a trusted way to safely grow their capital, you can start building your team right now and receive commissions from all the network. This new era of online earnings brought us tremendous opportunities to live your life free and become truly independent.

Our friendly team take care about that your cooperation with the company was as productive as possible. Register today and take full advantage of the innovative business. We will be glad to see you among our active investors!

What is a Smart Home?

10 Jul 2019  03:00 PM
When you're not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching TV?

With a smart home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. You could connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.

A smart home is a living area to which various smart devices are connected in a single network. This can be thermostats, light sources, plugs and sockets, doorbells and voice assistants, and many other technological devices. It can be any combination of the above, all of the above, or be other smart devices entirely.

Home automation provides homeowners with better security, comfort, and convenience by allowing them to easily control smart devices via voice, smart home app, smartphone, or other network device. Smart home systems and devices operate together, sharing consumer usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the homeowners' preferences.

Home automation also helps consumers improve energy efficiency. Instead of leaving the air conditioning on all day, a smart home system can learn your behaviors and make sure the house is cooled down by the time you arrive home from work. The same goes for appliances. And with a smart irrigation system, your lawn will only be watered when needed and with the exact amount of water necessary. With home automation, energy, water, and other resources are used more efficiently, which helps save both natural resources and money for the consumer.

The intelligent home automation and safety systems that Mindhome Limited provides, allow you to make your home work for you to create unique comfort and protect those who reside in it. More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, Mindhome seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform - so they work together and work more efficiently. Each system is easily customized to your home's unique configuration and your needs.

We create innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most - their families, homes, and businesses. Thousands of people trust Mindhome every day for better security, intelligent automation and dependable service. Mindhome services are exclusively sold, set up and supported by a network of authorized service providers.

Safety and automation products will soon be a part of everyone's homes. We are so convinced everyone will love what we have that we are offering you the opportunity to make money by investing in our company and sharing it with others. Whether you are looking to pay off a few bills or earn financial freedom, the Mindhome Limited business model can work for you. Become a member today!

Mindhome success: 200 investment days

23 May 2019  11:30 AM
From the first day until now, we are constantly progressing as a reliable technology and investment company, and as a result, we have created one of the best brands when it comes to investing in smart home automation. The basis of these achievements is unsurpassed reliability, honesty, and transparency of our company, favorable investment conditions, and carefully coordinated worldwide advertising campaign.

The current company performance is no less impressive than the results of the first 100 days. Our company has a smooth and sustainable development in all areas: our core smart home business is developing vigorously and efficiently, financial indicators demonstrate the multiple growths of the investment platform. Our members are almost 3,000 people at the moment, many of whom have at least two active investments. The company's customers have already invested over 5,000,000 USD and earned nearly 1,000,000 USD. We take into account the smallest details and consider the most current trends to bring our business to success in accordance with the expectations of our users.

Our cooperation offer is valid on a permanent basis. You can become a part of our business today. Mindhome Limited needs highly motivated and purposeful company representatives regardless of their country of residence. The two-level system of affiliate reward will be a great incentive to take part in the promotion of our investment platform. Learn more on the website!

We strive to improve our products, processes, and perspective in order to deliver the best possible solutions today while developing the visionary breakthroughs of tomorrow. We really appreciate your excellent support of our platform on various online resources and are grateful that you stay and constantly earn with us. This gives us extra motivation to move forward, generate new ideas, and occupy one of the leading positions among technology companies.

100 active days with Mindhome Company

12 Feb 2019  11:30 AM
There are 100 days have passed since Mindhome Limited offers favorable conditions for investors and partners online. Using all the possibilities of forming a successful and profitable business, long experience of developing smart home technologies, we try to propose the best conditions for each of you. Mindhome Limited has long been professionally engaged in the development of advanced products for the smart home industry, certainly, we deeply understand what we do and know exactly how to get the most out of our business.

The Mindhome team thanks you all for the activity and support you have shown us from the first-day launch of our investment platform. Today we are pleased to inform you that we have a successful 100 days with active members of over 700 people. The number of regular members is growing, every day joins new active investors and partners who create investments and promote the company around the world.

Our multi-level affiliate program is available for anyone who wants to earn more. All you have to do is invite new people to join our investment platform and start investing in smart home automation. For sure you have lots of friends on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you have a blog or YouTube channel that many people read and watch every day. If so, you will earn even more!

We encourage all feedback and hope you continue to spread the word about Mindhome, and refer us to as many friends and family as possible. We are growing rapidly and working to maintain an elite level of efficiency and transparency for our users. Thanks for all the support, if you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask.

Additionally, we place great emphasis on the safety of our investors, which is why our site has SSL security, dedicated server, protection against DDoS attacks, as well as individual protection of each client account from hacking and password guessing. All activities are monitored and logged, so investors' money is as safe as possible.

Cooperate with Mindhome Limited means dealing with a professional and dedicated team that has an impeccable reputation, confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers around the world.

Welcome to Mindhome Limited - smart home solutions

4 Nov 2018  09:00 AM
Over the last five years, our team was constantly involved in the development in the field of smart home and actively supported modern and forward-looking business directions. High-tech areas are in constant competition. In this business, the only succeeds one who can realize the innovative idea financially. The higher the turnover, the faster it goes to the point of profitability. That's why we have decided to launch a modern investment and financial asset management system.

It's a great honor for us to present you the investment platform from the company Mindhome Limited. After several years of analysis, development, and testing, the platform is ready to welcome its first investors. We thoroughly analyzed all our steps to avoid the slightest mistakes and win the trust of customers, which sooner or later will become our regular partners. We offer a unique investment portfolio, paying from 6% to 9% daily on every calendar day throughout the life of Mindhome. Moreover, if you are our regular customer, you will be able to get even more profit from our activities.

Mindhome is an amazing place where you can get a great percentage of your invested money in just a few months. We have built our business over the years and have created an ideal investment system. Mindhome has the safest and most profitable business model based on the development, sale, installation, and maintenance of a variety of smart home solutions. We have strategized a robust business model to meet customer needs, we are open to all participants across the globe and provide our service equally to everyone.

When developing the platform, we did our best to make every its feature great: an amazing design perfectly combining all the required functionality with a convenient and user-friendly interface, a unique program code structure: you don't see but feel it, and surely the decent concept in striving to something bigger than a mere revenue generation.

Although the investment portfolio is the core of our system, we also provide other important features that will make your experience flawless - friendly round-the-clock support, live financial statistics, instant withdrawals, and state-of-the-art security are among our top priorities.

We are constantly looking for revenue growth opportunities and the best incentives for our members who want to earn additional funds through the lucrative affiliate program. Any our member can receive up to 10% profit from all deposits of referrals by just inviting friends, relatives, colleagues, associates or whom so ever people in their circle.

If you want to become a member of our growing community, you just need to fill out the registration form. It won't take more than a minute. Once you're signed up, you're free to use any of our services as you see fit. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need further clarification on our services. We are available 24/7 and will always respond when you contact us.

Mindhome Limited is not just a stable profit for every investor, it's a really important contribution to the scientific progress and innovative technologies of the future for every home.

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